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All labor charges will be going up at the beginning of the year, so come in now to get your bike tuned up for Fall and Winter riding!

Community Thanksgiving Eve Dinner Flyer

November 23, 2022 Thanksgiving Eve - 

Fort Morgan High School had a group of students who went out of their way to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for all who wanted to attend. The meal was free, no charge and when money was offered to them there was an abrupt refusal to take money of any sort to help. 
These students are our future and make one realize that hope for America and especially Fort Morgan still exists. Thank you for the delicious food! As a business owner, I will be looking to help and hire teenagers such as these to work and lead in future business ventures. Thank you again!
- Richard Lapp
Slick Spot Farm and Truck, A List Automotive and Bicycle Adventure
Recumbent bike with ebo kit built on to make an ebike

EBO - Electric Bike Outfitters

Bicycle Adventure is now a certified dealer and installer to turn your favorite bicycle into an E-bike or build you a brand new bike with the electric help you need! 

EBO was born out of curiosity and a love of the bicycle. Family, weekend trips, endless hills and life in general led the way to seeing the need for an electric assist or full power bicycle. Electric bike kits from center drive to hub drive, 350 w to 750 w, pedal assist or full throttle. 

This is new and exciting so your patience is appreciated. If you are interested come in and talk with us about what you're looking for or contact us through email, phone, or dm us on Facebook or Instagram!

Farley 5 turquoise fat tire bike and top view of handle bars

Farley 5

Why You'll Love It
1- Farley 5 is the perfect bike for breaking into the winter shredding scene without breaking the bank.
2- The stability and traction of super wide tires make you a more confident rider on any trail.
3- It's a four-season freedom machine that lets you ride outside all year long.
4- Horizontal sliding dropouts lets you fine-tune you geometry-run it long for stability or shorter for more nimbler handling.
5- The dropper post lets you lower your saddle on the fly so it's out of the way on descents.


Don't let the cold winter weather stop you from riding! We have trainers in store that will keep you going in the warmth of your house. With a cable to shift through the 7 modes of resistance you get the fullest experience of riding in the comfort of your home!

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