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Vintage Bikes

1817 was when the first bicycle was invented. 200 years of bikes being around and it's so fun to see how things change through the times. Every bike has a story and we are so interested in researching them to find out more about each bicycle.

*If you are interested in purchasing one of these vintage bikes please email, call or come in so we can work it out!

1970s SSK


Small red frame with long, black banana seat.

Coast King


At first glance, the banana seat gives away that this bike is older than 20 years. This 1969 was made by Ross Bicycle Company who sold coast to coast across the nation. In 1972 the company went out of business and Coast Kings became less popular.

Red stagger step roadmaster with raised handlebars.

1960s AMF Roadmaster


A 3 Speed Nimble roadmaster with fenders and a basket ready to take a ride down memory lane.

Blue 1960s, 3 speed bike with fenders and straight bar

1960s Sears and Roebuck Free Spirit


With fenders, a 3 speed hub drive and a simple frame gives you a freeing ride.

Dull yellow step through frame 3 speed bicycle

'70s All Pro


The colors: yellow, orange and brown, give away that this bike is from the '70s. A wide basket and a wide seat seem too big for this bike but yet compliments it perfectly. Some rust and work to restore but what a story it could tell.



Folding tricycle with basket on the back that needs a new paint job.

Worksman Cycles Folding Tricycle


3 wheels make everyone feel more stable and this one has provided a stable ride since the late ‘90s. Single speed, 24” tires and tall handlebars make it manageable for people of all sizes to ride in comfort. 

Blue straight bar Motobecane road bike



A French manufacturer established in 1923 made bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles and other small vehicles. Fun fact: In French moto means motor and becane means bike! In 1981 they filed for bankruptcy and was purchased by Yamaha. This 1978 Motobecane is a vintage bicycle made during the short 58 years that Motobecane was a manufacturer in France.

Black straight bar road bike with white handlebar tape

980C Giant Cadez


In 1989 this bicycle was made. It is the first carbon fiber frame introduced by anyone. Lightweight, skinny tires, 14 speeds and two water bottle cages make it a great road bike that lets you go farther with ease never seen before in 1989.

White road bike with red waterbottle holders and strap in pedals all looking good as new

Trek 1400


White with a pop of red makes it a nice and fast looking bike. Made in 1989 it has 14 speeds, made with an aluminum frame, and has a matrix wheel system (meaning 32 spoke hard anodized Matrix ISO C Aero rims with 6061 T6 aluminum and 100 psi Matrix CD3 tires). It looks new and runs like new while being considered a vintage 1989 bicycle!

Gold bronze high bar cruiser with silver fenders

1959 Schwinn Meteor


A diamond in the rough, this bike was found in the dust of a barn and given to us. Single speed, coaster brakes, big an wide Schwinn seat and wide handlebars.

Blue frame with fenders, black seat with silver buttons

Collegiate Schwinn Holloway


Single speed with 26" tires