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Current Adventures

Bicycle Adventure is all about getting out and going on Adventures and we would love to hear all about your adventure!

January 2022

Richard Lapp, owner of Bicycle Adventure, goes on his own adventure to start the year off right!

Israel 2022

May 2022 Richard went to Israel with his youngest son for 2 weeks. Camels were ridden, seas were swam in and memories were made!

Trek 101

The last weekend of July Richard went to Wisconsin to visit Trek Headquarters.

Ride in Canada 

Richard went to Canada and rode with a group of cyclists. The views were beautiful and some sweet treats were had! As always pictures were taken and we are here to share them!

Next Up

Richard isn't done traveling yet! In early 2023 he will be going to Japan and then later going on a mission trip!

What's next??

Send us your pictures and your stories as you go so we can all go on the adventure with you!